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Inspector Media – Social Media for Home Inspectors

In this blog post, we are going to do a review of Inspector Media. Very likely you have seen these guys around, and possibly already use them.

But what are the ins and outs of Inspector Media? What do they do? Is it effective? Are they a trustworthy company, or just another inspection vendor?

We are going to discuss all of these points and more in this post. So let’s get into it and see who they are first. As always, if you have something good or bad to say, you can go right to the bottom of this post and leave a review for Inspector Media, or leave comments as well.

Inspector Media

Who Is Inspector Media?

One thing that impressed us about Inspector Media was their connection to the home inspection industry. Pictured here, we can see the two founders of InspectorMedia, Erik Gromicko and Justin Zola.

Both Erik and Justin have been part of the inspection industry as part of Inspector Media for a couple of years now. Erik, though, has had ties with the home inspection community his entire life – and knows our industry inside and out.

More interestingly though, Erik and Justin (as well as their staff) have been working in the social media industry since… well, there was a social media industry just about.

Their “claim to fame” is bridging the gap between the home inspection industry and the social media world. I will admit it, our industry does need help with this. We are home inspectors after all – and not social media specialists. 

So now that we know who they are (and that they are not a faceless corporation) – what exactly do they do, and how does it get you more work?

What Does Inspector Media Do?

One of our inspectors was asking us about Inspector Media and those were his exact words – what do they do? Inspector Media does your social media marketing for you. They are what we call “top of funnel”. In other words, every company has a marketing “funnel”. People find your company (top of funnel), see that you are the right choice (middle of funnel) and then hire you (bottom of funnel).

They drive targeted traffic to you, your social media, and your website. They do this through curated content that they produce for you, targeted social media campaigns, and paid ads. They basically get people to find you in a crowded space. So in essence, they are a social media management company that is specific to home inspectors.

How much does it cost?

Their pricing seems pretty simple. On their Pricing and Services page, it shows that the monthly fees range anywhere from $59.99 per month to $299.00 per month. Each level comes with a different set of features. Below is what their site is listing, as of the writing of this blog:


  • Ad Credit ($10)
  • Free Videos (x2)

  • Brand Curated Content

  • Relevant Posts (3x per week)

  • High Engagement Channels

  • Monthly Reports

  • 24/7 Support


  • Ad Credit ($30)
  • One Custom Video

  • Free Videos (x3)

  • Brand Curated Content

  • Relevant Posts (3x per week)

  • High Engagement Channels

  • Monthly Reports

  • 24/7 Support


  • Ad Credit ($40)
  • Free Videos (x3)

  • Custom Content W/ Branding

  • 5 posts per week on Facebook

  • 5 posts per week to Twitter

  • 3 Posts per week to Instagram

  • High Engagement Channels

  • Monthly Reports

  • 24/7 Support

Does it Work?

I guess that is the ultimate question – does it produce results? The answer appears to be yes. Several of our inspectors have used them and reported great results. The results appear to come in three ways that the inspectors mention most:

  1. Visibility: They give inspectors a lot of visibility in their local market. Ads and posts from the inspector travel in front of the eyes of agents and homebuyers and keep the inspector top-of-mind.
  2. Traffic and SEO: They produce a lot of traffic, not only to the inspector’s social media platform, but also to their website. The more traffic to the inspector’s website also means better SEO for the inspector and gives them even more visibility.
  3. Leads: Not every visitor they produce for the inspector turns into an inspection, but they bring people to the inspector and then the inspector has the opportunity to convert that person into an inspection, whether it is from their website, or from a phone call.

All-in-all, Inspector Media is a great pick. We here at Inspector Toolbelt give them 5-stars. If you agree or disagree, please leave a rating or comments below.

Note: Inspector Toolbelt is not affiliated with Inspector Media. This post only reflects our opinion and the opinion of those who have tested this product/service

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