Hoe Many People on a Home inspection

Your inspection day is finally here! Oftentimes, the home inspection is one of the last pieces of the real estate process that you need to come together. It is also a very decisive point – not only in the transaction but in your life as well. So as you plan for attending your home inspection, you may wonder who you should bring along – if anyone.

It is generally a good idea for you to be on-site for your home inspection, but who you should bring along makes a big difference, Let’s see why it even matters who/how many you bring on-site.

“Too Many Spoons in the Pot”

Most home inspectors are happy to have a person or two on the home inspection with them, but be careful about having a rotating door during the inspection. Oftentimes, we want to kill two (or three) birds with one stone and get everyone into the house at the same time. So we get our carpet contractor there to measure, painters, appraiser, and a whole bunch of other people. In reality, though, this will be distracting to the home inspector, take away your time from the inspection, and can cause a bit of havoc in the home. Best to wait until after the home inspection for these people.

“Uncle Joe is Coming!”

It is natural to want your family and your support system around you during this important time, so having Uncle Joe on-site isn’t a bad thing. But if you start inviting Cousin Larry, your three closest friends, your in-laws, and everyone else, then you will interfere with your own home inspection – and that would not be good.

As a general rule, try to keep the people on-site to yourself, and maybe another person who knows homes well and can ask the right questions. Too many people on-site also causes people to have a lot of questions. So once Uncle Joe is done asking about the history of cast iron, your questions about how old the AC unit is may not have been asked. It is your inspection, so be sure to have the space to ask your questions first by limiting the number of family members there.

“What About My Agent?”

It is very normal – and sometimes even required in certain areas – for your real estate agent to be at the home inspection. This is to your advantage too. An agent has likely been on hundreds of home inspections, so they know the right questions to ask, and how to help you during the process. They will also likely be negotiating for you too, so if an issue comes up, then they are better equipped to do that.

“I’m Human Too!”

Remember that even though a home inspector may seem like a superhero as he discovers things and seems to know every inch of your home – he is still just a human. Imagine if we were working at our own job and there were 15 people standing above us asking questions, pointing things out, and watching our every step… Unnerving and distracting, right?

It is the same thing with a home inspector. So limit the number of people on the home inspection. It will get you better information, more opportunity to ask questions, and ultimately a better home inspection.

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