Hoe Many People on a Home inspection

Whenever you are selling a home, there is a lot to keep track of. Deeds, listing agreements, marketing initiatives, showings, and so much more. Oftentimes though, we as sellers don’t think about the home inspection until a potential buyer comes in with one.

This is standard procedure  – but can also be problematic for you, as the buyer’s inspector may find issues you didn’t know about. So how can you avoid putting your transaction at risk? A pre-listing inspection is the answer, and here are some reasons why a pre-listing inspection is the best idea possible.

1. You Sell Your Home Faster

Normally after a home inspection performed by the buyer’s inspector, there are at least a few items to discuss or negotiate – and this can take time. With a pre-listing home inspection though, those items were already discovered and either repaired or disclosed. This can save you several weeks at times.

2. You Sell Your Home For More Money

That’s right, you sell your home for more money. According to Realtor Magazine, homes that are pre-inspected are more marketable, meaning you can ask more money for it. This is especially true when you provide the report and repair receipts to potential buyers. Your home will likely stand out quite a bit more now.

The other way it “makes” money for you is by SAVING you money. When repairs have been made, you can control the cost of them. For instance, if there was a $1,000 roof repair that your inspector discovered, it would cost you $1,000. But often as part of a negotiation, a buyer’s contractor may overestimate it at $3,000. So by fixing it ahead of time, you are not under tight timelines and can spend time getting accurate cost estimates and not negotiating on numbers outside of your control.

As a side note, if you hire the right home inspector, and the market is busy enough, many buyers will be thrilled to see and use the home inspection report you provided them. So be sure to use a really great home inspector so everyone feels confident about what you have given them.

3. Worry-Free Selling

Selling a home and moving are considered some of the most stressful things we could do in life. Many homes go back on the market after being under contract because of inspection issues – and is one of (if not the most) common reason for a home going back on the market. Take the stress out of selling your home by knowing you are all set on the inspection end of things.

Another benefit of having a pre-listing home inspection and a comprehensive home inspection report in-hand when selling your home is having a good home inspector already in your phone’s contacts. You can spend more time researching what home inspector you would like to use when you are selling a home, watch him in action, and then you can even choose to use him to inspect the home you are moving to if it is within his service area.

Pre-Listing Inspections – The Way To Go

No home is perfect – so be sure you know what imperfections are in your particular home. A pre-listing home inspection is cost-effective, and a logical way to be fully prepared to sell your home. 

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