Getting a home inspection is very important, and usually a real eye-opener. But one of the most important parts of the entire process is getting and reviewing the home inspection report itself.

Your home inspection report acts as a powerful negotiating tool, a review of the inspection findings, and also as a guide to owning and maintaining your home. But once you get the report – it may not have been what you expected. How so?

When looking at a home inspection report on its own, it can make it look like a horror novel instead of a report. Especially if you are a first-time homebuyer, and/or if you don’t have a construction background it seems even worse. So, what should you do with your report? The next few points will help.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

A home inspection report is full of a lot of information – but not all of it is critical at the moment. Most home inspectors put maintenance items and items to watch over time in your report – and that is for your benefit. Don’t get anxious over all the small items in a home – this is not only normal, but to be expected. No home is perfect, so take those small items into perspective and focus on the “bigger” items – namely material defects and safety issues. That will help you narrow things down.


Talk With Your Agent

If we feel lost in the woods, then having someone who has navigated those woods guide you would be a great comfort. That is exactly what your agent can do for you. Your agent has probably been on dozens/hundreds/thousands of inspections – so they are used to them, and understand how things work. Have them review the report with you. You will likely find that they can very quickly identify the important issues and help guide you through what to do next

Talk With Your Inspector

Still have concerns with your report? Talk with your home inspector. They will likely have quite a few insights on what to focus on and what the “big” items were during your home inspection. Most home inspectors are very happy to do this. They want to protect your interests and educate you on your home – and part of that is talking you through your inspection report afterward.

Your Report – A Guide, Not a Horror Novel

Getting a home inspection report can be a bit intimidating. You spent all this time and money because you fell in love with a home – and then someone just picked it all apart. Instead of being scared, try to have the right view of it. View it as a guide to keep the home you fell in love with in tip-top shape and to give you and your family an environment to make many memories in. Focus on the “big” stuff in your report, and rely on those who know the industry, like your agent and the home inspector himself.