FABI (the Florida Association of Building Inspectors) is a well-known name in the home inspection industry if you are a home inspector in Florida. But who are they really? What are the benefits of membership? And are they a good fit for inspector in Florida? Let’s discuss these questions and more.


About FABI

 FABI is a not-for-profit company functioning in Florida only. It has actually been around for quite some time too. According to the FABI website, they were established in 1984, which makes them older than InterNACHI, and just a little younger than ASHI. They have had an influence in the home inspection and building inspection market for quite some time, and it seems like a lot of Florida home inspectors belong to it.

Like most associations, they have their own Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. What I like is that because they are a “Florida only” inspector association, their SOP and Code of Ethics are very specific to the State, and therefore are very helpful to the home inspectors using them.


Benefits of Joining FABI

I have said before that State-specific associations have a lot of benefits to them inherently from just being State-specific. They know what Florida inspectors go through, what they need, and how to help them.

Something interesting I found out is that they also offer a certification called “Master Professional Inspector”. This is a nice marketing piece for inspectors (similar to a Certified Master Inspector designation in a lot of ways). The requirements appear to be that you can verify that you have been a member of FABI, ASHI or InterNACHI for at least 10 years and follow their continuing education requirements as well.

How much is FABI Membership?

First, there appear to be multiple tiers of membership. There are three primary tiers and some secondary tiers. They are as follows:

  • Honorary Member
  • Affiliate Member
  • Associate Inspector
  • Registered Professional Inspector (RPI)
  • Retired Member
  • and Master Professional Inspector

The three primary ones appear to be Affiliate member, Associate Inspector, and Registered Professional Inspector. The fees for each of these memberships are as follows:


Dues are $150 per year and there is an initial application fee of $65. 

You get a discount if you are a due-paying member f ASHI or InterNACHI though.


Dues are $250 annually.

You get a discount if you are a due-paying member f ASHI or InterNACHI for this one as well.


Dues are $175 annually.

To join FABI, you will need to submit your dues and follow their procedure as outlined here on their membership page. Please note, though, that they will have some new requirements and possibly fee structure starting in 2019.

Conclusion About FABI

FABI seems to be a well run and respected home inspection/building inspection association. I think being able to carry the FABI logo is a respected thing in Florida, and I also think that membership would be a good move by any home inspector in Florida.