We are proud to announce the release of our automatic agreement system, which is part of our Essentials Tier release. We have worked hard to make this system as simple as possible, and as dynamic and flexible as possible.

With the new agreement system, the client will only receive the parts of the agreement you want them to. An additional service, such as mold, radon, or well, will only be added to their agreement if those options are chosen, and removed if they are not. Work in two States? No problem! You can have separate agreements that will populate depending on the state. Have other variables for your agreement like age, loan type, etc? All of those can be added. Once it is set up, all you have to do is approve an inspection and everything else happens automatically for you!

A client portal is also created to make things easy for your clients and agents. Sign up for the Essentials tier and receive a 30-day free trial of the Essentials Tier and our new agreement system. Also, watch this short video showing you how easy the setup is, how it works, and what the client will see on their end.


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