Now you can set your prices in Inspector Toolbelt by price per square foot, and the square footage actually gets verified by Zillow for you (if the address is entered properly and it is on Zillow).

With this new feature, you can set a base price for your home inspection services and then add on your price per square foot. So for instance, your base fee could be $200 for an inspection, and then 35 cents per square foot after that. You can also leave your base fee alone and put a zero in there, and then go strictly with square foot pricing. 

When the client schedules an inspection, and their home is on Zillow, then their square footage and pricing will automatically populate. 

Price per square foot can be turned on by going into your Inspector Toolbelt dashboard, clicking on your widget section, and editing or adding widgets there (please see image) in this post.

Price per square footage is for all tiers (including the Free Tier) and the Zillow integration is automatically built into the Pro Tier. Just another great reason to choose Inspector Toolbelt!