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Growing your business

Helping Your Business Grow and Not Fail

Maybe you just started your home inspection business or have been doing it for a couple of years. You are enthusiastic about the field and love helping people with their homes. You may have some excellent skills and knowledge of the components on a property. But regardless of how enthusiastic you are about home inspections or how qualified you feel, there is the potential that your business can fail. 

It has been estimated that about half of all new home inspection companies do not make it. This can be due to various reasons. How can you be sure that your home inspection business succeeds and grows?  

People need to know your business exists! Getting your home inspection business to be known broadly is done by creating a strong online presence and by word-of-mouth. Let’s discuss the vital role that marketing plays and the best way to do it.

Why Marketing Matters

There are many home inspection businesses out there. You need to inform people of why yours is the one to choose. What makes your skill set unique? What may you offer that another inspector does not? How do you get a buyer, seller, or real estate agent to trust you? Highlighting the best qualities of your business while keeping in mind the audience and location you are targeting is important. 

Marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. At the same time, it can be challenging and needs to be adjusted along the way to keep up with the ever-changing market and audience. 

Build a Brand

Branding is important to make your business stand out. It will help create a unique identifier for your business. It includes your company’s name, logo, slogans, and design. 

Having good branding helps clients to distinguish your service from others. It is the way to create your business’s image and personality. 

Get a Great Website That People Can Find

Having a website is one thing. Having a really great, easy-to-search website is another. There are many businesses that have websites that fail to attract customers.

Your website should be modern and simple to navigate. It should be mobile-friendly. The branding on your website should match any branding found on other social media apps or sites such as Facebook or Instagram or on your business cards. This means you should use the same logo, slogan, and contact details across the board. Any of your printed material such as business cards or brochures should point to your website. 

In addition to looking great and functioning well, you want people to be able to find your website when they search for home inspection services. With all the competition, your website needs to come to the top of the list when a potential client does a Google search.

Inspector Toolbelt can create a beautiful website for you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. This will increase your website’s visibility when people search for services related to your business. 

Digital Marketing

Advertising your business takes time and money. Digital marketing is a cost-effective and measurable way of advertising. 

Instead of traditional marketing such as television ads or printed material, which can cost quite a bit, digital marketing costs much less and can reach a large number of people. Digital marketing also allows you to use metrics which is a way to track your marketing and gauge its effectiveness. 

Define Your Edge

Making it clear why your home inspection business differs or is better than others in your area is defining your edge. What makes you stand out from the competition? 

Using fast and effective inspection software will help you stand out from your competition. Show your clients that you can perform inspections seamlessly and produce beautiful, clear, easy-to-read reports quickly. You can even post some of these sample reports on your website. 

Building Relationships

Establishing good relationships in your community is important. Get involved with local business associations and community groups. 

Over half of your referrals will likely come from real estate agents. So it is important to build relationships with your local agents. This can be done by visiting their offices or attending open houses.

Look for business and referrals from home buyers, sellers, and returning customers. Remember, every time you meet someone, they have the potential to become a client or refer you to a family member or friend. 

Marketing Professional

You may wonder if you should hire a marketing professional to help with your marketing strategies and advertising. There is no right or wrong answer to this. 

Hiring a professional can be beneficial, especially in the beginning. But if you cannot afford to hire someone to market your business, there is plenty of information and help out there to allow you to succeed in marketing yourself. There are many free or affordable resources available. 

Marketing Is Key to Growth

Your business is not likely to grow on its own. Marketing is essential to make your business known and gain attention from a large audience.

It does take a lot of time and effort, but the way you market your business can determine whether your business fails or succeeds.