Our new online scheduler is here and ready for you to incorporate into your inspection business! We are happy to have the first free online scheduler for home inspectors. Why is it free? We know that once you use our software that you will eventually want to incorporate it more into how you run your inspection business. Our free online scheduler requires NO credit card to sign up with, gives you an online widget to install on your website, and syncs with your Google Calendar. Watch the video below to show you some of the features!

Speed and Simplicity

Our entire software is run on one simple phrase “speed and simplicity”. Why spend weeks watching videos on how to set up online scheduling, go through training courses, and still not know how your software really runs.

With Inspector Toolbelt, you can have your online scheduler up in running in less than 5 minutes!That is a lot of time saved to spend on inspections, marketing, and other tasks you need to complete as not only an inspector but also a business owner. Give Inspector Toolbelt a try and see how fast and easy it is!

Online Scheduling – The Way of the Future

Online scheduling is a MUST for home inspection companies now. Recently one of our inspectors (Blue Jay Inspections) put his online scheduler on his website. He had resisted it for years until he captured 3 inspections in two weeks equalling over $1,600 in revenue – from a free service that we offer. That means he made $1,600+ for 5 minutes of time and no $$$ for the service. That is the best return on interest possible!