Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Inspector Toolbelt work?

Inspector Toolbelt automatically generates an Inspection Appointment Request form (or widget) which can be placed anywhere you choose on your website. Your clients are then able to make Inspection Requests right from your website in 3 quick and easy steps. You can review and manage all these requests right from your Dashboard.

What makes Inspector Toolbelt superior?

Many reasons, but here are the highlights: Our software is the easiest to use in the industry. Fact. Ease of use means higher CTR (Click Through Rate), which means more business for you. It also means less time struggling to use clunky software and more time in the field billing for inspections. Oh… and did we mention the basic version is free? Nada, zilch, zero!

Why is it free?

In a nutshell, we’re so confident you’ll love Inspector Toolbelt that we’re letting you use the basic version for free. Also, as part of our development track we will be adding premium features which will only be available on our paid subscription plans.

Do I have to use a Google account?

No. You can register using any email address. However, by registering with your Google account you will have access to future features such as calendar and contact sync, which are not available to other users.

Is my data going to be safe and private?

Inspector Toolbelt uses what is called a “serverless” solution for hosting our application. This means that we use Google Cloud services to store your data and we only act as an intermediary data processor. Not even Google has access to your data, since it is fully encrypted. At present, our solution is the only home inspector software which is fully compliant with GDPR and US Privacy Laws. Your privacy is our top priority and your data will never be shared with any third parties.

What happens to my data if I close my account?

You are the sole owner of your data. Therefore, you can submit a request at anytime from your Dashboard for us to fully erase your data stored on the Google Cloud. If you close your account, your data is automatically erased upon completion of your request.

What happens if I stop paying for Inspector Toolbelt?

If you are subscribed to one of our paid tiers, the moment you stop paying for your subscription you will automatically be downgraded to the free subscription tier. Any data associated with paid subscription services will be preserved for 30 days and then deleted if you do not renew your subscription. But don’t worry, we will notify you well in advance if that happens.

Is support for your software only for paying customers?

Yes. Unfortunately, we cannot provide direct support for our free users at this point. Please visit our support forum and enter a post for assistance on the free plan. We cannot guarantee you will have an answer as soon as you would like, but we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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